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A specialised & personalised stay-planning agency / a network of fixers / an artistic research project: But Why?

Cyprus has been a crossing-point for endless generations, but to our experience and our thorough investigation, contemporary tourism and trip-management services on the island tend to be somewhat unsatisfactorily curated, typified, generic rather than custom, lacking in connectedness with what’s real or specifically interesting. We can do better. It’s fun, we get to meet people, and it occasionally pays the bills.

Who we are

We are an intimate network of specialised experts, fixers, organisers, researchers, academics, artists, and nature-lovers around Cyprus. There’s no end to what we can do. For the time being, however, we’ll research, organise, and plan your time in Cyprus, with you or for you. Check out our core team below.

What we do

We handle large or small interested parties, but we prefer to work with interesting individuals. We’ll connect you with local experts, people and communities who share your interests, and we’ll find the right people to answer your questions. Depending on what works for you, we’ll give you a tailored list of things to do, we’ll find someone to take you to places that are hard to reach, we’ll introduce you to the right people, we’ll take you out for whatever you fancy, and some of us might even cook for you or put you up for the night. Or we can help you find a place to rest. We can go big or work on a low budget. What would you like?

How it works

You get in touch with your requirements, we tap into the network and get back to you with a range of options.

What do we do exactly

You can ask for something from scratch, or we can pick up from the below specialised research visits, all developed by experts, with or without accommodation. e.g:

On beautiful nature: we're constantly discovering the island ourselves. Join us for a ride / hike / picnic.

On-the-ground contemporary art scene crawls.

On Cypriot urbanism: This builds on a great deal of previous collaborative work. We walk you through different contemporary realities, discussing local change, development, and the workings of gentrification and other things. We take you to some nice hidden places, and to what will, in that particular moment, seem the perfect cup of your drink of choice.

Specialised Food and Wine sessions: This is what we love the most and do best. What would you like?

Specialised archaeology and architecture days: pick an era to start with. Academically orientated.

Beyond the official narrative / on the peace economy: everything you’d like to know about the local dimensions of conflict. A humanistic approach, curated by an always-disagreeing community of local peace researchers and coffee-shop patrons. We can help you map it out in your way.

Dark Tourism: How dark would you like to go? We can make it a nightmare. We can start from places of environmental disaster, take you to designated tourist-spots and show you around the more frightening effects of capitalism, we can take you to horrible bars, and then we can go deep: we can make you listen to the official versions of the Cyprus history and conflict repeatedly. In short we can give you the typical Cyprus tourist experience.

Check back for visual material as we start adding images and links.

Our privacy policy

We work on the basis of (your) privacy, security, and anonymity. We haven't put down a standardised agreement yet. For now we work on a case to case basis and can go into paperwork with you if you like.

Our core team

Nee - Cultural historian with a PhD, kitsch-lover, public art and heritage expert, used to work as an arts curator but is out to enjoy life for a change, way too experienced in project management, probably a hippy.

Lina - Epicurean, poet, local food expert, gorgeous, lovely, multi-lingual, and a bookworm, and into publishing. Famagusta area expert, was previously employed by the UN, your connection with the younger side of the local arts scene, may or may not cook for you.

Maria - Seer. Mystic knower of where you might prefer to stay, to eat, and what to take home with you.

the EnJineer - Nicosia-based experienced fixer. Minister of funny business and dodgy affairs.

Pefkos - Architect. Thoroughly connected, not just with hipster joints and excellent coffee. Compass-carrier. Bona fide urban explorer: your man if you need to go down the old underground water system and so on.

Marcos - Photojournalist battling political cynicism, thrilling conversationalist, moment-spotter, beautiful light appreciator.

Evita - Hidden sights and striking city walks expert. Fine and socially practising artist & academic. The warmest urbanist you’ll ever meet. She’ll help you understand where you really are.

Christina - Film-maker. She’s filmed it all. The perfect companion for a site-scout. 

Dawn - The map-giver. A mermaid in the matrix. Years of experience in the front-line of the local tourist industry and thoroughly connected. No need to check online, she knows everything in most languages. People who meet her for 10 minutes often send her presents afterwards.


Eimaste @Kaimakli - Images taken in 2016

If you get in touch below, you'll have our response within 36 hours