Childcare co-op

Every Monday morning we get together and coordinate in a way that keeps our babies happy and safe, and allows one or more moms each time to do their own thing, from computer work to yoga, to important phone-calls.

Area: Kaimakli-Aglantzia.

Co-op members

Chrystalleni Loizidou

PhD Cultural Studies. Interdisciplinary arts and design Educator. Academic and Public programmes curator. Childcare, learning, and community researcher. Parenting by Connection instructor-in-training. Mother of one year old.

Sylvia Hadjigeorgiou

Mother of two. Dance-therapist and educator with decades of experience working with groups of children of all ages in Cyprus. Community organizer and author.

Childcare services

We can offer paid help on demand with the aim of supporting and growing our network.

Contact person: Sylvia at 99802833.

Reading group

Comparing notes and critical discussions on contemporary parenting trends and issues

“[The prevalent] prescriptive parenting picture is fundamentally misguided, from a scientific, philosophical, and political point of view, as well as a personal one. It’s the wrong way to understand how parents and children actually think and act, and it’s equally wrong as a vision of how they should think and act. It’s actually made life worse for children and parents, not better.”

Alison Gopnik, The Gardener and the Carpenter, 2016

  • Andrea's Go Diaper Free

  • Do parents matter? Why Japanese Babies Sleep Soundly, Mexican Siblings Don't Fight and Parents Should Just Relax, Levine & Levine, 2017

  • Inuit Morality Play,

  • Alison Gopnik- Causal Learning: Psychology, Philosophy, and Computation

Contact person: Chrystalleni at 99586369


Part of the Ixodos Residencies group

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